Senior Journeys Senior Placement Process

Transitioning to a senior living environment raises many questions: Where to start? What to ask? How to ensure the best choice for health and lifestyle? Every life stage is a pivotal chapter. At Senior Journeys, we equip you with the expertise, industry insights, and emotional support to traverse care stages and lifestyle transitions.

Premium Service with Industry-Experienced Guides Free Senior Placement Services

Our senior placement services are most often at no cost to you: some exceptions apply and are discussed at the time of the free assessment.

In-Home Assessment

Our in-home assessments lay the foundation for a tailored senior care plan, ensuring that every recommendation aligns with your loved one's unique needs and preferences.

Financial Review & Budget Planning

Our complimentary financial review and budget planning service delve into your resources, offering a clear understanding of your financial landscape to make informed decisions about senior care options.

Senior Living Research & Tour Guidance

We provide personalized research and tour guidance, suggesting communities based on your financial, medical, and lifestyle requirements, ensuring a seamless exploration of potential living spaces. In most cases, this service is free to the families. Some exceptions may apply and will be fully disclosed at the time of the assessment.

Transition Support and Senior Services Management

Beyond placement, our support extends to contract clarity, ongoing customer support, and advocacy, ensuring a smooth transition and continuous assistance throughout your loved one's senior care journey.

VA Benefits Support and Long-Term Care Policy Navigation

Our specialized support helps veterans maximize their benefits and navigate long-term care policies, ensuring they access the full spectrum of available resources.