Senior Journeys Veteran Support & Long-Term Care

At Senior Journeys, we understand the unique challenges families face when navigating financial avenues for senior care, especially when it comes to long-term care policies and VA benefits. Our veteran support services provide guidance on deciphering long-term care policies and securing VA benefits to ensure your loved one maximizes potential support based on their eligibility.

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Maximizing Support for Veterans VA Benefits for Seniors

VA benefits can be immensely beneficial for veterans, offering support for various aspects of long-term care. However, securing these benefits can be challenging, and it can be difficult to understand who is eligible. We understand what makes a person eligible to receive VA benefits for long-term care and can help support you as you apply for them.

  • Long-Term Care Benefit

    Veterans who served during wartime may be eligible for specific long-term care benefits, providing additional financial support.

  • Stay-at-Home Benefits

    VA Benefits are not limited to facility-based care; they also extend support for veterans who prefer to stay in their homes.

  • Spousal Support

    Certain VA Benefits extend to provide support for spouses.

Let Us Help Your Questions, Answered

Understanding eligibility for long-term care befits for veterans can be overwhelming. Review these frequently asked questions and please reach out if we can help.