Senior Journeys Meet Our Team

At Senior Journeys, we recognize that navigating the path to senior care can be challenging, emotional, and complex. That's why our team is here to stand by you, offering a knowledgeable and compassionate hand to hold throughout the entire journey.

Tina Moss

meet Tina Moss

Tina began her journey in senior healthcare as an Admissions Director in Skilled Nursing. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Communications, and Marketing from Central Washington University, she initially embarked on a career in strategic business planning and marketing. However, her role as a "Marketing Director" soon evolved. Immersed in insurance intricacies and medical documentation, Tina's fervor for advocacy emerged. She identified a communication gap in senior healthcare services and pioneered the "Senior Advocate" role in her institutions.

Venturing into administration for a private assisted living facility, Tina soon realized that senior advocacy was her true calling.

A Note from Tina

"My trajectory through senior healthcare inspired the inception of this business. I envisioned a platform where seniors and their families could find a staunch advocate. My experiences and established relationships empower me to simplify the aging journey. Clients often regard me as an angel or an extended family member, and I'm honored to serve our seniors, ensuring they receive unparalleled care and quality of life."

Daria Martinez

meet Daria Martinez

Daria, a Whitworth University graduate with a BA in accounting, has worked in both public and private accounting sectors for four years. In her leisure, she embraces the role of a cowgirl alongside her husband.

A Note from Daria

"Senior Journeys resonated with me deeply, having personally navigated the challenges of finding the right community home for a loved one. This organization alleviates the stress of this search. I joined their team, wholeheartedly believing in their mission."